What People are saying about A Disarming Spirit

‘To write a book giving the facts of a person’s life is important. But to write a book that brings out the depth of a person’s character is a true achievement.”

–Bishop Thomas Gumbleton,
Detroit, Michigan

”A book worth reading, even meditating on…A Disarming Spirit is about what one person can mean due to the issues he articulated, the courage of his actions, and the depth of his motivations. In the end, Archbishop Hunthausen would not want this book to be much about him, but rather the justice and peace he believed in and worked for.”

— Kirby Brown,
Chaplain of Dignity Seattle

”Frank Fromherz has told the Hunthausen story well. From his years of careful research, reflection, and writing, we can see the transforming gift of this life of deep faith and the humility to listen…May we absorb the Hunthausen story with the depth of grace in which it has been lived.”

–James W. Douglass, author, JFK and the Unspeakable:
Why He Died and Why It Matters

”This is a story that the people of Montana and the entire northwest region of this country need to hear. Someone in this corner of the world has left his mark.”

–Con Kelly, close friend of
Hunthausen and bioethicist

”History will likely reveal Raymond Hunthausen as one of the most courageous voices in late 20th century U.S. Catholicism, and no one better describes the Seattle archbishop’s prophetic role than Frank Fromherz…This is more than a biography. It is a study of moral character, a carefully researched portrait of one man’s journey toward faithfulness and integrity.”

–Fr. John Heagle and Sr. Fran Ferder,
founders of Therapy and Renewal Associates

”Impressive in scope, the book provides an excellent representation of the larger societal context that frames the highlighted events…the book left me inspired and hopeful.”

–Peter Callero, author,
The Myth of Individualism: How
Social Forces Shape Our Lives