Photo Gallery

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen at Seattle’s St. James Cathedral in 2012 (Courtesy of St. James Cathedral/M. Laughlin)
Taken in front of the family home in Anaconda, circa 1936, with all seven siblings, from oldest to youngest: Dutch (Archbishop Hunthausen’s nickname), Marie, Tony, Jack, Edna, Art, Jean. (Photo and context provided by Dick Walsh)
St. Peter’s High School, Anaconda, basketball team, 1939, the year Dutch graduated. Both Dutch and his brother Jack were all around good athletes. Dutch is number 10 (the number is not fully visible), standing behind the teammate wearing number 11. Pat Walsh, who later would marry Dutch’s sister Marie, is wearing number 6. (Photo and context provided by Dick Walsh)
First trip (and liturgy) in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, early in Helena Bishop Hunthausen’s tenure. Left to Right: Mike Miles (seminarian at the time), Nick Walsh (priest of Boise, later would become auxiliary bishop of Seattle), George Speltz (auxiliary bishop of St. Cloud, MN), Bishop Hunthausen, Fr. Jim Hogan, and Pat Estenson (seminarian). (Photo provided by Dick Walsh; context by Fr. Jim Hogan).
Archbishop Hunthausen together with others gathered at an anti-Trident rally at the gates of the Bangor base, late 1980s. (Photographer: Elizabeth M. Harburg for the Northwest Progress, Archdiocese of Seattle newspaper; photo provided by the Archdiocese of Seattle Archives, Cat. No. VR610.909)
On the Witness Boat, Oak Harbor Bay, August 1982, looking in anticipation of the first Trident submarine. From left to right: Rev. James Halfaker (Washington North Idaho Conference, UCC); Sr. Margaret Casey, SCJP; Rev. Robert Brock (NW Regional Christian Church); Archbishop Hunthausen; Bishop William Skylstad (behind Hunthausen); Rev. Loren Arnett (Washington Association of Churches); Rabbi Norman Hirsch (Temple Beth Am, Seattle); Sr. Sharon Park, OP. (Photographer unidentified; photo and context provided by Seth Dalby, Archdiocese of Seattle Archives, Cat. No. VR610.910)
Archbishop Hunthausen preparing for a press conference when he would announce the results and conclusions of the Vatican’s investigation. Taken in a conference room at the Chancery of the Seattle Archdiocese, in 1985. (Photo and context provided by Brad Reynolds, SJ)
Gathering at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Seattle, set to march with crosses to the Federal Building in downtown Seattle, late November 1989, marking the death of Jesuit priests and their housekeepers in San Salvador. (Photograph by Jeffrey Wahl, context provided by Kim and Bill Wahl)

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