Pope Francis visits Japan, bearing anti-nuclear message (Hunthausen would be with him)

The ruins of The Assumption of Mary Cathedral in Hiroshima, Japan, one year after the atom bomb was dropped. Photo by Allan George Cuthbert, in the collection of the Australian War Memorial.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Pope Francis arrived on Saturday in Japan, the second leg of a week-long Asian trip whose main aim is to bring an anti-nuclear message to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the world’s only cities to suffer atomic bombing.

Francis, 82, a determined anti-nuclear campaigner who has in the past called for a total ban on nuclear weapons, will read a message on the theme in Nagasaki on Sunday and meet survivors.

“I wish to meet those who still bear the wounds of this tragic episode in human history,” the pope told Japanese bishops shortly after his arrival.

Read the full story here.

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, who campaigned against nuclear weapons, would have been right there along Pope Francis. Hunthanusen said:

“Our security is in a loving, caring God. We must dismantle our weapons of terror and place our reliance on God.”

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